Deep in this heart

Regan O'Callaghan Altar, studio, sunset, incense

Deep in this heart this heart of stone............

In the dream I sat up high at the top of a great tree beside me a beautiful black raven.  The raven flew to the ground at the base of the tree and began to dig and scratch amongst the roots.  I  dropped down and joined in.  As I dug, a hole began to emerge between the roots.  The hole grew larger  until I was able to crawl through a tunnel and then down into a large cave underneath the tree.   It was a safe space a sacred place.  I walked around touching the walls of this mysterious place.  I felt something in the wall.  It seemed to be a small rock but as I scratched away at the dirt it became bigger until eventually a huge boulder was revealed in the wall of the cave.  “What is this?” I asked the raven.  “It is your heart”  the raven replied.

Regan O'Callaghan