Regan O'Callaghan

Regan O’Callaghan is an artist living in London, England. Originally from New Zealand he moved to the United Kingdom in 1993 where he later studied art and religious studies including the technique of icon writing (painting).   In 2001  Regan was ordained into the Church of England.  He combines his religious ministry with art leading many art projects and workshops as well as painting a number of commissions including an icon for Saint Paul’s Cathedral London.  He believes in a ministry of encouragement where art is the facilitator. Today Regan’s art practice has built on the  technique of icon writing combining contemporary themes with  traditional techniques.   He is inspired by the natural environment and humankind's relationship/connection with their surroundings.


The nature of my practice is based on the application of contemporary and traditional techniques and the morphing of different  religious themes and symbols in painting, installations and video.   All my work explores ideas of ritual, the sacred and profane with the intention of drawing the viewer into challenging realms of order and chaos, apophatic and cataphatic, light and dark.