2015                  M.A Fine Art, Chelsea College of Art and Design, London U.K.

2001 – 07          Iconography program with Sr. Bernadette Crook RSHM M.A. London U.K.

2001                  Post- Graduate Diploma, Pastoral Theology, Anglia Polytechnic Westcott  House, Cambridge U.K.

1997                  M.A. Christian Ethics, Kings College London U.K.

1996                  B.A. Honours Religious studies and Art, Brunel University, London U.K.



2019                  Diocese of Niagara, Canada.

2018                  Sachaqa Art Centre 3 month Residency, Peruvian Amazon.

2016                  Saint Paul’s Cathedral Melbourne, Australia

2016                  Diocese of Long Island, New York, U.S.A.

2015                  St Peter’s Lodge, Wisbech, U.K.

2014                  Ghost of Gone Birds, The Forge, London.

2014                  Diocese of Niagara, Canada. Months residency

2013 – 14           St Mary and St Peter School, Teddington, London.

2013                  Sachaqa Art Centre 3 month Residency, Peruvian Amazon.

2013                  Faces of Faith,  Bishop’s Castle, Shropshire.

2012                  Fundacion Valparaiso, Mojacar Spain.  Months residency.

2009 – 11           St Peter’s Eaton Square School, London

2007 – 08         Artist in residence St. Paul’s Cathedral, London.

2006                 All Hallows by the Tower, London. Richness and Diversity an exhibition of Contemporary Balkan icons.



2016                  Mirror Messenger Mothers, Transept Gallery, Melbourne, Australia.

2011                   Koru, Burgh House, London



2019                  Play, Hampstead Baptist Church, London, U.K.

2017                  Waiheke Matariki, Waiheke Community Art Gallery, New Zealand.

2017                  Connect Poland, Rondo Gallery, Katowice, Poland.

2016                  Connect London, Ply Gallery, London, U.K.

2016                  Contemporary Rituals, Mojacar Factory Art, Andalucia, Spain

2015                  Office Sessions IV, Beak Street,  London.

2015                  Love, Jewish Museum London.

2014                  Office Sessions III, Office Party, Anchorage House, London.

2014                  Ghost of Gone Birds, The Forge, London.

2013                  Through Brown Eyes, Garage Gallery – The Cop Shop, Waiheke Island, New Zealand.

2013                  Senales Amazonicas,  Patarashka, Tarapoto, Peru.

2011                   Interfaith Arts Festival, Red Gallery, 3FF, London.

2010                  Interfaith Arts Festival, Candid Arts Gallery, London.

2007                  Epiphany, U.K Contemporary Iconographers. Wallspace, London.



2017                  Stations of Water, Saint Paul’s Cathedral, London.

2017                  Water Stations, Emmanuel Church, London.

2016                  Prayerful Art | Holy Images, Mercer School of Theology, N.Y. U.S.A

2015                  Housed, CookHouse, Chelsea College of Art, London.

2014                  Collaborationem,  South West festival, St Saviours Pimlico, London.

2008                 Art Amen! St Paul’s Bow, London.

2005                 Christmas Exhibition, Gallery in the Crypt, Bethnal Green, London.

2003                 Gallery in the Crypt, Bethnal Green, London.

2003                 Art in Creation, St. Augustine’s London.

1998                  Illuminate,  Holy Trinity Church, Hounslow, London.

1992                  Crucifixion Exhibition, Art Exposure Gallery, Taupo, N.Z.

1991                  An Alien ate my Arts,  Taupo Museum, New Zealand.

1990                  A Kick up the Arts, Taupo, New Zealand.

1989                  Art Exposure, Taupo New Zealand.



2017                   Southwark Cathedral, Black History Month, London, U.K (Oct)

2017                   St. Margaret’s Church, Westminster Abbey, London, U.K. (June – Sept)

2017                   St. Stephen Walbrook, London, U.K (Jan – Feb)

2016                   Lambeth Palace, London U.K. (Nov)

2016                   Saint Paul’s Cathedral Melbourne Australia. (Sept)

2015                   Saint James’s Piccadilly, London, U.K (Nov-Mar 16)

2015                   Jewish Museum London, U.K. (Feb – April)



2019                  The Wren and the Resurrection, Sherborne Abbey, Dorset, U.K.

2018                  Fonisoun, Site specific art performance, Spark+Echo Arts.

2018                  San Rocha y San Roque, Sachaqa Art Centre, Peruvian Amazon.

2016                  Our Lord of Mercy, Monsignor Roger Reader, Head Chaplain for Prisons in England and Wales.

2016                  Pantokrator, St George’s Church, Guelph, Ontario, Canada.

2016                  Saint Mildred and Miss Lightbourn,  Sisters of the Order of the Church, Ontario, Canada.

2015                  Archangel Michael, Egg Tempera, Sisters of the Order of the Church, Ontario, Canada.

2015                  Archangel Gabriel, Egg Tempera, St James’ West Hampstead, London.

2013                  Jesus of Emmanuel West Hampstead, London.

2013                  St Peter and St Paul, Black Notley, Essex.

2012                  Saint Mary and Saint Peter, St Mary St Peter CoE School, Teddington, London.

2010                  Crucifixion Triptych, Nottingham University Catholic Chaplaincy.

2010                  Saint Saviour Tempera. St Saviour’s Pimlico, London.

2009                  Epiphany,  St. Mary’s Stoke Newington.

2009                  St George and the Dragon. Tempera.  St. George’s Bloomsbury.

2008                  St. Paul and the Huia. Tempera. St. Paul’s Cathedral London.

2008                  Stations of the Cross. Tempera on canvas. St John CoE Primary School, London.

2007                  3 Mothers. Tempera. The Rt. Revd. Dr Richard Chartres Bishop of London.

2005                  St Andrew & St Peter. Abuna Elias Chacour.Church of the Sermon on the Mount, Ibilin, Israel.

2004                  Madonna and Child with St. Genesius & St. Paul. St Paul’s Church Covent Garden, London.



2015                  ‘Art and Religion in the 21st Century’.  Aaron Rosen. Thames and Hudson 2015.

2015                  ‘Housed: exploring the interplay between the artist, the viewer and the location setting’. Cookhouse London.

2013                  ’The Sway’ Regan O’Callaghan & Cal Athan. Rocoriginal Press.

2012                  ‘Life-Widening Mission’ Global Anglican Perspectives. Edited by Cathy Ross. Regnum.

2011                  ‘Sharing Mary’ Bible and Qur’an Side by Side. Marlies ter Borg . Createspace.

2010                  ‘Contemporary Art in British Churches’ – ‘Icons Commissioned for Anglican Churches’ S. Stavrou.

2009                  ‘Icons of the Stations of the Cross’ Saint Luke’s.

2008                  ‘Lion Companion to Christian Art’.  Michelle P. Brown.  Lion Hudson

2006                  ‘Rooted In Galilee: An Iconostasis for Peace.’ B. Crook.  Bellcourt Ltd.



2017                  ‘Nine Artists and Nine Lessons.’  Performance St. Mary’s Walthamstow, London.

2009                  ‘Silent Space’ Art Amen! group performance at ‘Wallspace Gallery’ London.

2008                  ‘Silent Space’  Art Amen! group performance ‘The Belfry’ St John’s, London.



2017                  Bishop Radford Trust Travel Grant

2015                  John Slater Travel Grant

2012                  Residency awarded Fundacion Valparaiso, Mojacar Spain

2005                 Sion College Travel Grant

2001                  Venerable English College exchange student Rome, Italy.

2000                 Funded month’s study Tantur Ecumenical Centre, Israel.



2010 –                 Artist/Tutor Education Department, Westminster Abbey, London.

2009 – 14            Freelance Art Tutor, Soane Museum, London.

2008 –                Freelance Artist/Tutor Education Department, Saint Paul’s Cathedral, London.

2004 –                SSM Priest, Diocese of London, U.K

2002 – 04           Stipend Priest, Diocese of London, U.K

2001 – 02            Stipend Deacon, Diocese of London, U.K.

1998 – 01            Pastoral Worker, “The Bridge” Holy Trinity Church, Hounslow, London

1993 – 98            Residential Social Worker, Ordinary Housing, Hounslow, London, U.K

1989 – 93            Trustee Art Exposure, Taupo, New Zealand.

1989 –                 Freelance artist