Koru Burgh House 2011

Regan O'Callaghan Burgh House, Hampstead, London, gallery space, Koru, exhibitionI finally had my first solo exhibition!  All the work was inspired by the Koru a maori symbol based on the unfolding fern frond and symbolising new life. The exhibition came together smoothly and I was very pleased with how it looked.  The Private View was attended by over 70 people and work was sold.  I invigilated during the week and that was also was a positive experience.  Lots of different people visited and I received constructive feedback.  A woman from Finland shared that Koru in Finnish means jewel. Lovely

A friend commented that the work revealed a great deal about me and that I must have felt quite vulnerable with such a public display!  I hadn't thought of it that way but the more I spent time invigilating I began to reflect on the journey I have taken over the past few years.  Has art become my religion?  Art has certainly become one way of expressing my faith.   I looked at the many spirals around the room and understood them almost like springs that have been tightly wound and now are springing forth releasing pent up energy.  New life indeed!  Though it has taken me many years to have a solo exhibition I believe the time was right for it to happen now.  Some ferns can be very slow growing!  For a small frond to push through earth and  grow up towards the light requires a great deal of energy and so it is with my faith.  I just pray I have the faith to continue to reach for the light!

Regan O'Callaghan ink drawing, koru, Burgh House, exhibition, London