A Year of Mercy

Lord of Mercy

Our Lord of Mercy

Tempera and gold leaf 21 cm x 30 cm


Early 2016 Monsignor Roger Reader, Head Chaplain for Prison Chaplaincy in England and Wales commissioned me to write an icon to commemorate The Year of Mercy promoted by Pope Francis.  This icon shows Jesus represented as the Pantokrator the All Knowing or All Mighty. He wears dark crimson and blue robes symbolising his humanity and his divinity. In his left hand he holds an open Bible turned to John 14:6. His right hand is raised to bless all who stand before him. From a distance his gaze appears to look beyond us (the viewer) reminding us as we approach him with our own personal prayers and petitions to remember those people and the world around us who also in need of our intercessions. However as you drawer closer his gaze becomes more direct more focused on you the viewer. It is not confrontational but a rather a welcome and invitation to be still and spend time with the Lord. The lettering either side of Jesus is old Greek and translates as the first and last letters of his name. The letters inside the halo basically translate as a verb ‘to be”. The two medallions gilded with silver leaf are windows into God’s grace through the gift of forgiveness and mercy and the petitions of Our Lady symbolised in the rosary. The gold leaf used represents the eternal light of heaven where no shadows are cast, all is light.

The icon was later blessed by Cardinal Vincent Nichols Archbishop of Westminster. Prints of the icon were then reproduced, delivered and installed in every prison chapel in England and Wales.More information can be seen herePrints for sale here 14441168_1354150981279139_3135513302324893652_n

 Cardinal Vincent Nichols Archbishop of Westminster.

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Monsignor Roger Reader and Cardinal Vincent Nichols Archbishop of Westminster.