Anchorage Series

Art Installation and Performance.

Anchorage House, East India Dock, London 2014.In the Docklands area of London sits a large office block 'Anchorage House'. On the 5th floor, a vast space of gloomy and uninspiring open plan offices are vacant like most of the block offering an excellent venue for an art exhibition. 'Office Party' curated by Adam Zolwostki showcased work by 40 artists which included film, installation, sculpture, painting and print. Continuing to explore themes of ritual and the interplay between light and dark I worked with linoleum as a prop and mundane object to interact with. This also involved a physical response to a secular environment while wearing liturgical garments. 

Anchorage IV 2015

Anchorage III 2014

Anchorage II 2014

Anchorage I 2014